Letter of Introduction

There are numerous things that makes Nail-Logix Advanced Nail Care & Wellness different from any other nail salon in Ft Collins.

Many individuals would love to be able to have nail and foot services but are afraid because of numerous reports of infections, injuries and lack of licensing. It was time to address those fears and beyond.

When I decided to open a nail salon again and having over 26 years of experience in the industry, I knew that it would have to be completely different from the average salon and the strip mall nail salons. I knew advanced education was the key along with advanced disinfection protocol.

I enrolled in courses to upgrade my services and knowledge to a higher level of expertise and safety. With close attention to individuals with compromised immune systems and are high risk to infection (diabetes, chemo-therapy patients, etc)

My education consisted of courses with:

Medi-Nail Learning Center offered by Dr Robert Spalding DPM. Receiving certification for Advanced Nail Technologist. M-ANT

The North American School of Podology.  Receiving certification for Master Pedicurist. CMP

International Pedicuring Association (IPA) Membership and ongoing education

There are many benefits at Nail Logix Advanced Nail Care & Wellness.

All of my nail clients whether it is manicures or enhancements have their own client care box. Files, buffers and smoothers are never used on multiple clients.

With my pedicure clients I use disposable liners in the footbath and all non-sterilizable supplies are disposed of immediately after the service. (Even toe separators)

All stainless steel implements are STERILIZED with an Autoclave which far exceeds the state standards and non-porous tools and surfaces are disinfected with a high level hospital grade disinfectant.

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